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How to protect the rights of the younger generation, to enforce its legitimate interests, create conditions for the realization of the potential? These and other issues were made during the sixth seminar of the Independent Permanent Commission on Human Rights of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Subject significant event, organized by the government of the country, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in cooperation with the Commission: "The importance of the promotion and protection of the rights of young people to build a peaceful democratic society and sustainable development."

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OIC has established itself as an international organization that brings together like-minded states in the discussion and solution of urgent problems and issues. The subjects of this meeting brought together participants from many countries of the organization, which includes the total number of 57. At the meeting, which was divided into several sessions, invited UN international experts, UNODC, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNFPA, WHO, the Council of Europe, ISESCO and the SCO.

Such a scale of invited experts emphasizes once again the importance of not only the problem but also the idea of ​​an overall effort to consolidate the search for common goals. During the event, repeatedly pointed out that the contribution of the development of the younger generation on the future of the world. This is not a rant, but a statement of fact, which is close to the eye, as well as to address significant, and in some places and sensitive issues, is simply impossible.

It was emphasized that in Uzbekistan the issue of education and development of harmoniously developed generation built on the level of state policy. The country has a young Union - one of the largest unions, which, along with the consolidation of boys and girls has set itself the task of supporting and protecting the rights and legitimate interests. From the rostrum of the 72th session of the UN General Assembly, the head of our country initiated the development of the International Convention on the Rights of Youth, which is a document aimed at the formation and implementation of policies in the context of globalization and the rapid development of information and communication technologies.

"When the world is rapidly changing, there are new challenges and threats to the stability and sustainable development of peoples as never before it is important to focus on education, the spiritual, moral principle, provide young people with the desire for knowledge, self-improvement needs," - noted the President at the opening ceremony 43 th foreign Ministers' Council session of the Organization of Islamic cooperation.

Then the leader of the country proposed to establish under the auspices of the OIC International Research Center of Imam Bukhari in Samarkand. Another initiative - the organization as part of the Tashkent Islamic University, a special chair of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). Later, at the first summit of the OIC on Science and Technology in Astana in 2017, the head of our state noted the start of work on the construction of the Center of Islamic civilization in the capital of Uzbekistan, whose motto - "Education against ignorance" - fully meets the requirements of the time.

- In Uzbekistan over the years of independence, much has been done, - says head of the department of international legal and human rights disciplines Judicial Training Center under the Ministry of Justice, Doctor of Law Lola Saidova. - We - a country of young people. However, unresolved issues remain a global level. Young people do not always have equal opportunities. Most have no opportunity to study, the level of involvement in the educational process in the countries - participants of the OIC is not high enough, as noted in the seminar. The international community, States need to build an adapted policy, or even a "road map" in order to ensure equal rights and freedoms for the younger generation. Present and future - for youth. How it will grow, what ideas will enter a new century - it depends also on us, on the contribution to be made in advance.

In the framework of the international seminar of the OIC in Tashkent, participants had the opportunity to explore both national experience, and international and regional mechanisms for the protection and promotion of the rights of youth.

Also on the agenda - the key problems faced by the younger generation in the states - members of the OIC. According to the results will be a document which will summarize the recommendations for the development of youth policy, aimed at strengthening young people's participation in the development of their countries, the realization of their rights and freedoms. It will be presented at the next Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC session.

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