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Medtourism in Uzbekistan: a new stage of development

Medical tourism is gaining more and more popularity today. Millions of people each year are sent to other countries to undergo treatment there and combine relaxation with access to high quality medical care. To raise this sector to a new level in our country has all the necessary conditions: the picturesque nature, mild climate, abundant sunshine, but also an important factor - the availability of prices. The concept of the Republic of Uzbekistan health system development in 2019-2025 years, approved by the Decree of the President "On complex measures on radical improvement of the health care system of the Republic of Uzbekistan" dated December 7, 2018, provides for increased development medturizma in the country. We decided to find out about it at the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center from the International department's Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist Tatiana Dergacheva.

- What are the prospects for the development of medtourism exists in Uzbekistan?

 - Medical tourism in our country is only beginning to emerge as the target direction and the component of public policy. The clinics of Uzbekistan has always come for treatment, counseling citizens of neighboring countries. However, they come on their own, directly to institutions without recourse to specialized agencies and specially created department of medturizma. High quality service and affordable prices have attracted and continue to attract foreign nationals to Uzbekistan, so medical tourism are great prospects.

- What is necessary for the further development of the sphere of medtourism?

A lot of things still to be done.
Firstly, the need to develop a legal and regulatory framework of specialized agencies. Secondly, to carry out the accreditation of health facilities. Third, improve the system of contractual relations between the clinics and foreign nationals. Fourth, train staff create the development of medical tourism packages and their practical implementation.

What is the number of foreign citizens coming to give birth, and from which countries?

- Citizens of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. Also seek medical help residents of other countries: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Afghanistan, China. An increasing number of patients who received outpatient care clinic for advice, for example, was 992 people in 2017, and in 2018 - 2414.

- What are the conditions of stay in the offices? Whether patients from abroad are accustomed to other standards?

We take all the international standards of proven effectiveness. The Center is a member of the Royal Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (UK), the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (USA). We will try to involve us in the delivery of foreign nationals. After all, we have a high level of qualification of the personnel, modern equipment, comfortable rooms, maternity and post-natal ward.

Lina Mavlina.

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