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Endless Energy: Myth or Reality, used in practice?

In the State Turin Polytechnic University held a final international scientific conference of the project "Renes" EU program "Erasmus +" "Problems of modern development of renewable energy sources (RES) and a sustainable environment."

At a time when humanity is faced with various environmental issues of global scale, renewable energy sources are not only efficient and cost-effective solution, but also, perhaps, the only correct way. These sources of energy are becoming more developed, as they have enough for everyone, and they are taken literally from the air.

For example, solar power stations are popular in Germany (country-record holder, over a third of the electricity produced from wind in Germany, biomass, solar and hydroelectric power plants), the same thermal operating successfully in the United States and Spain. Wind energy has now spread to China, the United States and northern Europe most of all . And in October of last year in England, launched the world's largest coastal wind farm in the Irish Sea, spreading on 144 square kilometers of wind turbines height of almost 200 meters, which will produce 659 MW of electricity. That is a "field" is able to replace the capacity of an average coal-fired plant, while no emissions and complex production operations.

Rich in valuable resources and minerals of Uzbekistan has great potential also in the field of renewable energy. Climatic conditions and geographic location, space, large undeveloped land and the warmth of the sun all year round - is not the ideal conditions for such a purpose? It remains only to start the mechanism, put the production on stream and adapt local life under current trends. That is why it is so important to study "green" energy, contact with experts from foreign countries, in which the initial steps have been taken some time ago.

In recent years, Uzbekistan pays great attention to the practical use of renewable energy sources, as they are regarded as an important factor for sustainable development and economic competitiveness of the country - said the Ambassador, Head of Delegation of the European Union in Uzbekistan Stiprais. - The current natural and institutional environment can make the country an effective platform for the pilot deployment of advanced solar energy technology, followed by the distribution and extension of the results not only in the country but in the whole Central Asia.

Thus, to solve the existing problems in Uzbekistan on this issue is necessary to increase the level of training of engineers in the field of renewable energy and a sustainable environment. Therefore, in Uzbek universities it becomes actual creation fully compliant with the European standards of the educational program.

The project "Renes: development of the master's program on energy and sustainable environmental renewable environment" is planned not only to bring the program "Renewable energy and sustainable environment", but also to organize its implementation in all partner universities. In theory, this training program with 12 items available to students will be six fully functional and well-equipped laboratories of renewable energy with all the tools for analysis and experiments.

The main result of the project is the educational base for the preparation of a new generation of engineers in the field. They will be able to address local and regional environmental and energy problems.

Sabina Alimova.

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