31 May 2020

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9 Apr  2020 229

Zangiota builds special hospital

Construction of a hospital for 10,000 beds is being completed in Zangiota district.

All forces and resources are being mobilized to protect people from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and eradicate this disease.

100,000 people are under quarantine in Uzbekistan. Almost 13 thousand citizens came from abroad. Therefore, a quarantine zone for 10 thousand places is being built in Tashkent region. The completed part of the zone accommodates more than 2,200 citizens who have returned from abroad.

These days, two virology hospitals for 10,000 beds are being built in Zangiota district.

The total area of virology hospital complex in Zangiota district quarantine zone is 130 hectares.

The complex will be commissioned in the near future.

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