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16 Aug  2019 2783

There is too much lead around Notre Dame

Earlier it was reported that the restoration of the cathedral was suspended.

Photo JB Autissier / Panoramic / imago / Scanpix / LETA

Environmentalists have warned of elevated levels of lead.

Recall, the devastating fire in Notre Dame de Paris in April almost destroyed one of the symbols of Paris. In July, the chief architect of historical monuments, Philippe Villeneuve, said that the vaults of the cathedral could collapse due to the abnormal heat that was then established in France.

The restoration of Notre Dame stopped on July 25 due to the threat of lead poisoning. The City Hall of Paris blocked the streets for cleaning in order to remove the topsoil on the grounds of schools and kindergartens, writes Le Monde.

The work costs the city several hundred thousand euros. Absorbing gel and high pressure jets of water are used. The territory of the cathedral itself is planned to be cleaned faster - on August 19, restoration is already scheduled to resume.

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