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22 Feb  2019 2906

Uzbekistan restores practice of granting medals to successful graduates

Gold and silver medals will be awarded to graduates of schools and academic lyceums. Ministry of Public Education reports, that relevant document was signed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The nominee for the gold medal must have a Certificate with honors upon the 9th year graduation, as well as excellent marks in all subjects in quarters, for the year and half of the 10th and 11th grades, or at the end of all courses of academic lyceum. Those who have graduated the 9th year with excellent marks and have excellent performance in all subjects by the end of 10 and 11 class, will be eligible for the silver medal.

It is noted that not only to academic performance but also behavior and social work will matter.

The list of nominees for medals will be provided by educational institutions for consideration by the pedagogical council until June 10 of each year. Graduates will have to receive the awards before June 14.

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