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12 Apr  2019 1171

State organizations will be obliged to buy domestic pharmaceuticals

Decree of the President introduces a  year- and-a- half experiment starting from July 1, 2019, during which government procurement customers for pharmaceuticals and medical products will be obliged to reject all applications from import manufacturers if there are two or more participants - domestic manufacturers of similar products.

At the same time, the document states that “insufficient production capacity and a narrow range of domestic pharmaceutical products do not meet the needs of the domestic market and lead to a high dependence on imports.”  Meanwhile the weak organization of work on the implementation of international standards at domestic enterprises limits the possibilities for the pharmaceutical products to compete on foreign markets and the export potential of the industry.

A number of measures has been proposed to remedy the situation.

Thus, by the decision of the head of state, Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Health assigned functions of the Ministry to supervise the production, manufacture and wholesale of medicines and medical products, as well as the licensing of pharmaceutical activities.

From now on, it carries out state regulation of the industry, manages state registration, standardization, certification, technical regulation of products, and licenses manufacturers and distributors of pharma.

The agency will also be responsible for developing and implementing a strategy for the sustainable development of the industry, including introduction of government support mechanisms. In addition, it was entrusted with studying market conditions and the provision of the population and healthcare institutions with pharmaceutical products. The agency will also help industry enterprises to establish cooperation with leading foreign l companies and coordinate the implementation of advanced foreign practices and international standards within the industry.

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