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15 Aug  2019 1666

In Samarkand region, a resident promised to get a job with a salary of 700-900 dollars

Sherzod Ayubov (name and surname changed) promised to hire about a hundred people to work in the Tashkent City complex under construction. For services in total, he asked 40.3 million soums from different people. He spent the money received by deception on his needs.

According to the chairman of the Nurabad district criminal court Nabi Rayimov on the website zarnews.uz, the compatriot rubbed himself into the trust of citizens, saying that they could earn about 700-900 dollars.
For greater persuasiveness, I asked those who wanted to find a certificate of residence, a copy of a passport, work book and military ID card, six 3x4 photo cards, a TIN and a medical certificate in the form of No. 086.

But as soon as they brought all these documents, Sherzod said that it was necessary to deposit funds for insurance in the amount of 400-450 thousand soums. The citizens, hoping to soon receive monthly $ 900, did not even doubt his words, and therefore brought the required amount or equivalent goods.

But in the end, those who wanted to get a job found out about cheating. This case was considered in the Nurabad district criminal court. The citizen was found guilty, he was sentenced to a non-custodial sentence. However, he now has to compensate the victims for 40.3 million soums.

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