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Rubbish wins

Ambitious The Ocean Cleanup project  stops after device broke apart at sea sweeping up no plastic waste.

According to The Sun, multi-million pound effort to clean up ocean pollution has been halted after a 60ft part of the £31million floating device broke away in a swirling island of rubbish between California and Hawaii.

It turned out that the device failed to hold the plastic debris.  

“Of course there is slight disappointment, because we hoped to stay out there a bit longer, - admits Boyan Slat, 24-years old Dutch entrepreneur behind the Ocean Cleanup group, - But there is no talk whatsoever about discouragement. This is an entirely new category of machine that is out there in extremely challenging conditions”.

A ship towed the 2,000-foot-long barrier in September from San Francisco to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch an island of trash twice the size of Texas. It has been in place since the end of October. The plastic barrier with a tapered 10-foot-deep screen was intended to act like a coastline. However, it failed as rubbish was swimming faster than solar-powered system.

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