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Traditional medicine offices will be opened in medical organizations

The Resolution of the President “On additional measures for the development of traditional medicine in the Republic of Uzbekistan” was recently adopted.

In accordance with the newly adopted document, starting from May 1, 2020 the following institutions are being formed: 

- Republican scientific and practical center of traditional medicine with the status of a legal entity in the form of a state institution; 

- in Abu Ali ibn Sino medical higher educational institutions and technical schools of public health Centers for the development of traditional medicine without the status of a legal entity. 

One of the main tasks of the Republican Center is the analysis and study of the effectiveness of methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases using traditional medicine methods. 

The republican center is part of the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health. 

The Republican Center is headed by a director appointed to the post and dismissed by the Minister of Health in coordination with the Cabinet of Ministers. 

Education in the Regional Centers is carried out on a paid basis according to the curricula and programs approved by the Minister of Health; the amount of tuition fees is set by the Republican Center. 

Alumnus of the Regional Centers are issued with a standard certificate recognized as an official document on advanced training in traditional medicine. 

Persons without a medical education who have successfully completed training courses in traditional medicine are issued with a certificate approved by the Ministry, giving the right to carry out activities in the relevant areas of traditional medicine. 

In the state multidisciplinary medical institutions of the district (city), region and republican levels, as well as non-state medical organizations, starting from May 1, 2020, traditional medicine institutions are opened.

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