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30 Mar  2019 527

UZCARD and MIR agreed on issuing Co-badged cards

 JV LLC Unified Republican Processing Center (Uzbekistan) and Mir National Payment Card System (Russia) signed an agreement within the framework of the International Financial and Banking Forum, in Tashkent.

According to the JV LLC Unified Republican Processing Center, the meeting was aimed at establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between Uzcard company and Mir National Payment Card System (Russia). Issues related to issuing Co-badget cards, which will accept payments from two payment systems, were discussed. One of the most important items of the agreement was Card Acquiring of Mir National Payment Card System for issuing Uzcard – Mir Co-badget cards. Necessary technical work has already been carried out to ensure the interaction of the two payment systems, making it possible to use Mir payment cards in Uzbekistan.

By the end of 2019, it is planned to arrange acceptance of the Mir cards in the infrastructure of Uzсard payment system’s banks participants. In addition, in the future it is planned to organize the acceptance of Uzbek plastic payment cards in Russian banks. Moreover, the Uzbek payment system Uzсard will be able to apply the Mir’s technologies, issue cards using the Mir payment application.

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