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International relations
30 Mar  2019 529

Uzbekistan will improve State Pharmacopoeia based on European standards

 Delegation of Uzbekistan attended the 163rd Session of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission, in Strasbourg.

It was noted that the quality of medicines is an important element in maintaining the health and increasing the life expectancy. These issues are prioritized both for national regulatory organizations and for the entire global pharmaceutical community.

As reported by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Health, an important event of the 163rd Session of the European Pharmacopoeia Commission for Uzbekistan was the signing of the Agreement on granting of the rights to copy and adapt texts of the European Pharmacopoeia for creating the State Pharmacopoeia of the Republic of Uzbekistan between the Director of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare Susanne Keitel and the Director of the State Centre of Expertise and Standardization of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment Sherzod Abduganiyev.

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