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2 Apr  2019 1285

Uzbekistan plans to harvest more than 13 million tons of agricultural products in 2019

More than a million will be exported, while 7 million forecasted to be consumed within the country, according to the recent Governmental Decree.    

Decree of the Government on the rational allocation of crops and forecast production volumes for the harvest in 2019 was adopted.

 It states that vegetable crops will be place on 135,641 hectares and melons on 60,156 hectares.  More than 2 million tons of vegetables and 1 million tons of melons and gourds will be produced in 2019.

More than 57 thousand hectares will be used for the inter-row spacing cultivation of vegetables, legumes and melons.

More than 824 thousand hectares released from cereal crops will be allocated for repeated crops.   

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