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Uzbekistan lifts bans on the women employment in certain industries

Instead of banning certain professions, a list of industries or professions that may harm women's health will be approved. New Decree of the President enforces some step towards gender equality.

Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to further strengthen the guarantees of labor rights and support women's entrepreneurship”  is up to introduce changes in Uzbekistan’s gender imbalance.  

Thus, from 1st May, state grants a one-month extra parental leave to one of the parents if the father uses at least three months of parental leave. One of the parents raising a under-two child will be granted the right to change a break time used during the day, as well as feeding the child during the work, in coordination with the employer.

The termination by the employer of an employment contract concluded for an indefinite period due to women reaching retirement age or according to the law with the emergence of the right to an old-age pension until women reach the age of 60 years, as well as a fixed-term employment contract until its expiration will be prohibited.

In cases of violation of the equality of men and women in courts, the payment of legal services provided to women by lawyers may be covered, by their request.

Also, the resolution provides for the creation of “Women's Entrepreneurship Centers”  with the status of a non-governmental non-profit organization.

In order to prevent gender disadvantage of women, a Commission for the Protection of Gender Equality of Women with the assistance of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan will be established.

In addition, Law “On guarantees of equal rights and equal opportunities for men and women” and “On protection of women from oppression and violence” will be developed and drafted.

The minimum gender indicators and other data recommended by the UN Statistical Commission will be posted on the “Gender.stat.uz” website and the information will be regularly updated.

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