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22 Apr  2019 1498

Uzbekistan introduces new measures to fight endocrine diseases

Presidential decree has approved The National Program to improve endocrinological assistance to the population of the republic for 2019-2020.

Main directions of the national program are improvement of the situation on the prevention and early detection of endocrine diseases and the coverage of the population with preventive measures.

It envisages the creation of online registers of patients with diabetes. The regional endocrinological dispensaries and their branches are to expand their medical services. Comprehensive measures are introduced to ensure that children, adolescents and pregnant women are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus with analog insulin.

The developments are introduced to the training of both medical personnel and patients and their families. Medics will need to adopt advanced methods while patients and their families  will be trained to the proper management and control of diseases;

New tasks are set for the scientific research in the field - the range of domestic studies in   endocrinology should be expanded.

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