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Uzbekistan boxing school recognized as the best

England Sport website thefight-site.com in his article declared the best athletes of amateur boxing as well as winners in the nominations.

"Boxer of the Year" - Mirazizbek Mirzahalilov

"Of all the categories of" Boxer of the Year "was one of the most difficult to select. We have seen some great fights in 2019, but for me it always comes down to two men: Mirazizbeku Mirzahalilovu and Andy Cruz ", - says the author Taylor Higgins. "But in the end I chose Mirzahalilova. What immediately catches your eye when you look at it, it's the diversity of its combinations, subtle use of angles to strike, the timing of the enemy and its high physical fitness. "

"Knockout of the Year" - Zhalolov vs. Torres

"Given that knockouts are not so common in the amateurs as the professionals, whether this category ever really in doubt? As Uzbek heavyweight Bahodir Zhalolov dealt with American Richard Torrezom became one of the most memorable and controversial moments in amateur boxing in 2019. It was a tough fight, and many were concerned when Torres carried away on a stretcher. Fortunately, he recovered fully and Zhalolov continued to win the World Championship heavyweight champion ", - shares his impressions Taylor.

"Perspeсtive Boxer" - Tsutsumi, Halak, Batyrgaziev, Dickinson

The article Higgins said that he had many promising fighters to choose from, but finally settled on 20-year-old Hayato Tsutsumi from Japan, 19-year-old Abdumalikov Halakove from Uzbekistan, 21-year-old Alberta Batyrgazieve from Russia and the 20-year-old Mark Dickinson from England . The author holds the best hope is to Abdumalik, considering it's only a matter of time when Halak will be a significant force in the international arena.

"The school of boxing of the year" - Uzbekistan

The most impressive of the Uzbek amateur system, so this is how they continue to produce high-level talent for the replacement of the elite, which ultimately go into the professional ranks. Uzbek coaching staff, headed by Marat Kurbanov, took energetic Eastern European style of pressure and improved its technical know-how. "Cutting" Uzbek boxers ring and use flank attacks allows to dictate the geography of the battle, and the highest fitness of guarantees that throughout the match their exposure remains consistently high. Training and internal competition for places in the national team supports fighters motivated and goal-oriented, thus creating the most effective school of boxing in the world, the article says.
Also in the following nominations:

 "Fight of the Year" - a duel citizen of Kazakhstan Bekzat Nurdauletova against Julio Cesar la Cruz from Cuba.

"Boxer of the Decade" - Julio Cesar La Cruz.

 "Breakthrough of the Year" - American Keyshon Davis.

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