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President becomes acquainted with new construction and social projects

As previously reported, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Republic of Turkey on February 19-20.

On February 21, after completing a fruitful visit, the Head of the state, as before, actively started further work. Shavkat Mirziyoyev became acquainted with construction and social projects that are planned to be implemented this year in the city of Tashkent.

Consistent work is being carried out at the initiative of the President on creating decent conditions for the population, achieving people's satisfaction with their lives, and improving the quality of medical service and education.

Large-scale construction projects are planned to be implemented in Tashkent in 2020.

In particular, it is planned to lay almost 18 thousand meters of water pipes on the territory of Majnuntol, Bektemir, Oltin topgan, Binokor makhallas, as well as Husayn Boyqaro and Ziroat streets in Bektemir district. As a result, more than 6800 residents will have access to centralized water supply, and the level of provision of the capital's population with drinking water will reach 100 percent.

It is also planned to increase the capacity of Bozsu and Salar water treatment facilities by 200 thousand cubic meters per day.

Currently, there are 5001 elevators in 1564 apartment buildings in the capital. 3343 elevators have served their time. 572 elevators have been replaced over the past four years.

In accordance with the instruction given by President during his visit to Uchtepa district, 697 elevators are scheduled to be updated in 2020. At this rate of work, that is, updating 700 elevators annually, all the elevators in high-rise buildings of the capital will be replaced with new ones in the next five years.

At the same time, it is planned to build 100 playgrounds, 2 parking lots, perform concreting of 100 thousand cubic meters of sidewalks and repair 10 thousand meters of irrigation systems in the course of improving the apartment buildings’ territories. 20.8 billion soums will be allocated from the local budget for this purpose.

Programs for developing the street lighting system and updating economic vehicles in Tashkent will also be implemented. 1,047 thousand square meters of roads will be repaired.

This year, it is planned to build new kindergartens in Bektemir, Olmazor, Shaykhantakhur and Yashnabad districts. New schools will be built in Bektemir and Yashnabad districts, a multidisciplinary clinic in Sergeli district, family polyclinics in Chilanzar and Yashnabad districts, as well as cultural centers in Sergeli and Olmazor districts.

The President was provided with detailed information about these projects.

The Head of the state focused on effectiveness and social significance of projects. Instructions were given on ensuring the completion of the planned work on time.

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