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Uzbekistan optimises agricultural management system

The Decree of the President on measures to improve the public administration system in the field of agriculture and the resolution on improving the activities of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan began the formation of an integrated system of agriculture state management and introduction of market mechanisms for public procurement of agricultural products.

The Decree defines the main tasks and activities of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as introduces some changes in its structure. Thus, the Research and Production Center for Agriculture and Food Supply of the Academy of Sciences with all departments, the Center for Seed Development under the Ministry of Innovative Development and its departments, as well as the Uzbek State Center for Certification and Testing of Agricultural Machinery and Technology are transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture.  Moreover, from now the ministry manages the Tashkent State Agriculture University and its branches.

The Decree envisages establishment of a specialized service of agrochemical services for agriculture and plant protection under the Ministry.

Within a month, a draft Concept for the Development of Unused Land for Agricultural Products Cultivation for 2019–2021 should be prepared.

One of the most important points - Uzbekistan plans to introduce a market mechanism for regulating the prices of grain products. The Ministry of Finance should pass relevant proposals within three months, after consulting with international financial institutions experts.

Meanwhile, the President’s Resolution on improving the activities of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture - its central office, as well as regional offices and departments.

It is planned to create extension centers for agro technologies at the Tashkent State Agriculture University and its Nukus, Andijan and Termez branches.

In order to activate investments, before January 1, 2020 the agro block with its own mobile application should appear on the Investment portal of Uzbekistan invest.gov.uz. It should contain Information on regions’ production and investment potential, reserve lands, statistical and hydrometeorological information, data on the infrastructure and communication networks availability and other relevant information.

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