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The whole world in one glance

Julia Moon charitable photo exhibition is on display at Ilkhom Theater in Tashkent.

The main characters of the exposition are homeless dogs. Those who were  abandoned or left due to circumstances.

 “Just look in their eyes and you will see everything,” says the author.

Julia recalls one of the visits to the Hayot Shelter in the outskirts of Tashkent. Together with volunteers, they have gathered on a rainy day. The weather did not stop them neither helping the dogs, nor taking the touching photos.

The author praises people who manage Hayot Shelter, where about 600 animals have found food and safety.

- We expect that volunteers from all regions of the country will follow our example and open shelters for animals. We are grateful for the support: the khokimiyat allocated land for us, and there is a number of people supporting us, - said Iroda Matkarimova, the founder of Hayot Shelter. - Anyone can become a part of enthusiasts' team.  

The exhibition will be on display at Ilkhom Theater until March 5.


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