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4 Apr  2019 1270

Folklore dastans published on the eve of Bakhshi International Art Festival

The eposes called Alpomish, Oltin Qoboq, and Malla Savdogar are among the most popular traditional folklore.

Presentation of new books timed to Bakhshi International Art Festival and consisting of the best dastans and poems took place in Termez Press House. Folklore scholars, poets, students and journalists attended the event.

The fact that Bakhshi International Art Festival will be held in the thousand-year-old cradle of bakhshi – Surkhan oasis, has greatly increased the interest to publish dastans that pass from generation to generation, poems written by the best bakhshi.

Dastans were published in cooperation with Surkhandarya regional khokimiyat, the State Museum of Literature named after Alisher Navoi of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Surkhandarya regional department of the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment.

Oltin Qoboq, which is one of the pearls of Sherabad school of dastan was recorded from the people’s bakhshi of Uzbekistan Abdunazar Poyonov. The dastan Malla Savdogar, performed by the folk bakhshis of Uzbekistan Shoberdi Boltayev, Abdunazar Poyonov, the famous bakhshi Chorshanbi Rakhmatullayev, versions of Alpomish dastan, performed by Umir bakhshi Safarov and Mardanaqul Avliyoqul ugli were released as books.


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