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Alumnus who successfully graduate public health technical schools enter the university without exams

Resolution of the President “On measures to introduce a completely new system of training and continuous professional development of personnel in the health sector” was adopted.

In accordance with the document, starting from the academic year 2020/2021, 47 medical colleges are being transformed into Abu Ali Ibn Sino public health technical schools.

Alumnus who have successfully completed these technical schools are given the right to continue their studies from the 2nd course in medical university in the specialized areas of undergraduate education without passing entrance exams through an individual interview.

Starting from the academic year 2020/2021:

- Vice-rectors (deputy directors) for the medical (practical) work of medical universities are at the same time the chief physicians of university data clinics;

- in medical university, the share of non-core subjects in the curriculum of the areas of undergraduate education, master's degrees and clinical residency (residency) is halved;

- a system is being organized for organizing training at the final year of students admitted to clinical residency (residency) according to target parameters, directly in medical institutions of the regional level;

- the formation of target parameters for admission in the areas of undergraduate education “General Medicine”, “Pediatric Medicine” and “Professional Education (General Medicine)” of medical university within the framework of admission indicators based on a state grant is carried out in the context of regions (cities) based on the needs of the regions for doctors ;

- an obligation is introduced for graduates to practice these areas for at least 5 years in the districts (cities) indicated in the target admission parameters on the basis of a state grant, regardless of their registration at the place of residence.

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