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10 Okt  2019 742

The National List of properties tangible cultural heritage have been approved

Resolution of the Government approved the National list of immovable objects of tangible cultural heritage, according to the Ministry of Justice.

According to the decision, there are 8208 objects of immovable tangible cultural heritage all of the country , of which 4748 archeological monuments, 2250 monuments of architecture, 678 monumental art , 532 sights.

Decree of the Minister of Culture granted the right, if necessary, in accordance with the appropriate order to clarify (explanation) in the name and address of the facility period.

Also, in case of justified need, the Ministry of Culture will submit proposals to the Government on amending and supplementing the national list.

The objects included in the National List, due to their historical, artistic or other cultural value can not be applied to collateral and mortgage, with the exception of immovable objects of tangible cultural heritage, which are privately owned.

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