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The longest in history U.S. government shutdown enters the fourth week

President Donald Trump rejected a request for temporarily reopening government agencies, - The Reuters news agency reports.

About one-quarter of  U.S. government operations have been shut down by a lack of funding since Dec. 22 after Trump demanded $5.7 billion this year from Congress for building a security wall on the southwest U.S. border.

Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, have rejected Trump’s demand, as have Senate Democrats who are needed to pass most legislation in the chamber even though Republicans have a majority.

The opponents claim there are cheaper and more effective ways of ensuring border security than a $25 billion wall. They offer $1.3 billion for a range of high-tech and other tools at the border.

The partial shutdown is the longest in U.S. history. President Trump has been promoting a number of ideas to allocate money for building a wall that supposedly can secure the United States against illegal immigrants and drugs.

The building of the wall was part of Trump’s presidential campaign. However, it was intended to be funded by Mexico but its government has refused. Last week, President Trump announced his plan to declare a “national emergency” and redirect U.S. Army Corps of Engineers funds to the wall.

The shutdown consequences are being widely discussed as 800,000 federal employees across the USA can’t get their salary. The situation has also affected travellers as unscheduled absences among federal airport security screeners forced partial closures of airports in Houston and Miami.


Photo: Boston Herald

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