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The first charter flight from Istanbul to Bukhara - successfully!

The Airbus-321 aircraft of the Turkish Atlasglobal Airlines airline made its first charter flight on route from Istanbul to Bukhara.

The first passengers began to Turkish journalists, bloggers, managers and employees of travel companies, as well as a number of religious leaders and scholars.

"We are very pleased to have come to the hospitable Uzbekistan. With 25 Turkish tour operators and hundreds of guests we have made the first charter flight from Istanbul to Bukhara. We have been waiting for this for several years, because in Turkey, a lot of people who want to come here. After a positive decision on the charter flight more than 100 passengers have expressed a desire to join our trip. Today, we have brought them into the sacred Bukhara.

We are excited by a reception. it is very important for us that the friendly Turkish people visited Bukhara, the center of rich historical heritage. As a tour operator we are ready to do everything possible to increase the number of tourists coming to Uzbekistan. The cost of travel is one of the important factors, since the number of tourists is increasing every year. We are very positive on the new reforms in your country ", - said the head of the tourist company" Uchbey "Muhammad Gulseren.

For guests organized trips to historical places in Bukhara region.

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