20 August 2019

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6 Feb  2019 696

The draft of Open Justice program is submitted for discussion

It was developed by the Ministry of Justice and accessible for public discussion on the ministry’s website.

The program is envisaged to provide the most important information about the activities of the ministry. Its development plan entails four areas and determines activities, their timing, responsible persons, as well as the expected results.

Within the program’s framework, the public opinion will be studied, the ministry will strengthen the work with legal entities’ and individuals’ appeals.

The new program will also ensure the ministry informs about reforms carried out in the country, changes of staff in the ministry’s system, ensuring transparency in the ministry work.

According to the draft “open days” will be held at least twice a year at the central office of the Ministry of Justice, the Agency (centers) of public services, injustice bodies and institutions.

Ministry also considers the option to comment on citizens’ proposals submitted on draft normative-legal acts posted for general discussion on the regulations.gov.uz website.




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