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26 Mar  2019 1584

Shukhov Tower becomes a new attraction in Bukhara

The 92-year-old water tower also known as "lace autograph" of XIX century engineer Vladimir Shukhov revived as an architectural landmark of Bukhara.

Shukhov Tower in Bukhara is one of 200 unique industrial-design structures built across the former USSR by outstanding engineer Vladimir Shukhov. So-called “hyperbolic paraboloids” were developed based on the works of mathematicians Pafnuty Chebyshev's and Nikolai Lobachevsky.  

The construction of Shukhov system water tower located next to the Ark citadel in Bukhara begun in 1920 and was completed seven years later to become the part of Bukhara water supply system. It was functioning up to 1975, until its wooden paneling burned down, and the water tank was damaged beyond repair.

Almost 45 years later it has been revived to become a tourist attraction.

According to the press service of the State Committee for Tourism Development, a café will soon appear on the first floor of the tower, accompanied by the air and railway tickets office, and Tourists Information Center. A restaurant will be located on the second floor, and the third floor will be used as a viewing deck.


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