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Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: The biggest reform for me is to improve the lives of mothers and women

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Craftsmen Center in Margilan.
Margilan has long been a city of craftsmen. Recently, here, on the initiative of the master Ibrahimjon Sultanov, the Craftsmen Center was built on the basis of a public-private partnership. Here 600 craftsmen set up production of 200 types of atlas and adras, carpets, sewing and other products. 2 thousand women and young people are employed.
“For me, the biggest reform is to make better the lives of mothers, women, who light every family. I am a happy person, for I see confidence and hope in your eyes. The more women are satisfied with life, the greater the power the Almighty gives us, the more durable peace and tranquility in our country. The whole planet is in great difficulty due to the pandemic. No one believed that we were able to build such enterprises in these conditions. And this is only the beginning of changes in Fergana, the first swallow. God willing, our results will be even better”, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
Atlas, adras, beqasam, silk and velvet fabrics are woven in the underground level of the two-storey center. The ground floor houses an exhibition of finished products, a podium, an atelier. It demonstrates the process of sewing and applying flowers to a fabric.
The second floor has a carpet workshop. All products of the center are handmade, made of silk.
Products of Ismoiljon Gilamlari enterprise, founded by artisan Ibrahimjon Sultanov, are known worldwide for their excellent quality. High-class silk is used, patterns are applied using natural dyes. Carpets are mainly exported to Turkey, atlas and adras fabrics – to the United States, Italy, France, Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
Currently, the center pays seamstresses up to 3.5 million UZS per month. Many work at home.
Margilan is an important tourism destination in Fergana valley. The Craftsmen Center serves to increase the tourism potential of the city. Here, guests will be able to directly observe the process of weaving atlas and adras, as well as buy products and order clothes to their taste in the atelier. There is a bank branch, a photo gallery in the building of the center.
The Head of the state was informed about investment projects in the silk industry of the region. Shavkat Mirziyoyev emphasized the need for allocating land to industry enterprises, increasing employment and providing material assistance to people in the current difficult situation.
The President also became familiar with the work being carried out in Fergana region to reduce poverty.

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