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29 Aug  2019 1604

Sensational result of a speleological expedition in Uzbekistan

On the Chul-Bair mountain range in the Surkhandarya region, the speleological expedition of the Ural Speleologists Association with the support of the Russian Geographical Society ended with a sensational result.

Photo by State Comitee of Tourism

According to the State Committee for Tourism, during a 20-day expedition led by V. Loginov, a depth of minus 1284 m was reached in the A. Vishnevsky cave (ChB-15). The length of the cave was more than 15 km. It continues with a flooded gallery and goes into a well with a depth of about 20 m, according to the website of the State Committee for Tourism.

As shown by topographic surveys, the cave "came" almost close to the Boy-Bulok cave, which is currently the deepest in Uzbekistan and Asia and reaches an amplitude of 1415 m. The combination of these two caves will give a phenomenal depth of more than 2 km, which will bring the cave to 3 -th place in the world after the caves named after A.Verevkin (2212 m) and Kruber (2197 m) located in Abkhazia.

Theoretically, the potential of the massif allows you to set a world record in depth by finding new caves located above and combining them into one grandiose system. Exploration of the caves will continue in 2020.

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