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Salinger's family is about to publish all of what he wrote over next decade

The "Catcher in the Rye" author was writing for 50 years without publishing.


His son tells the Guardian estate will publish ‘all of what he wrote’ over next decade.

Matt Salinger, an actor and producer, told the Guardian in an exclusive interview:

 - He wanted me to pull it together, and because of the scope of the job, he knew it would take a long time. This was somebody who was writing for 50 years without publishing, so that is a lot of material. So there’s not a reluctance or a protectiveness: when it’s ready, we’re going to share it,” he said. This will take years, he admitted, though he hopes less than a decade.”

Matt remembered his father always had a notebook by his side, where he took his notes. Speaking of the Salinger’s work to be released, Matt mentioned that it has a non-linear plot, but did share anything about the content.

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