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Second Airbus A320neo for Uzbekistan Airways arrives in Tashkent

A new Airbus A320neo aircraft, equipped with the latest technology, has landed at Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov.

This is the second aircraft of Uzbekistan Airways, equipped with Wi-Fi access.

The first Airbus A320neo arrived in Tashkent on March 11, 2019 and has already been successfully operating on Uzbekistan Airways international routes.

The new aircraft differs with its high efficiency, equipped with the most advanced LEAP-1A engines, manufactured by CFM International. Modern design of the wing allows to improve aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft, and the equipment for wireless access to the Internet created new amenities for passengers.

The aircraft has two-class layout and is designed to carry 150 passengers (business class – 12, economy class – 138). Modern design of passenger compartment creates maximum comfort.

Passengers will enjoy comfortable wide seats with built-in individual screens, and an improved air conditioning system will ensure freshness of the air and its equal distribution in the cabin.

In addition, Uzbekistan Airways will receive the fourth Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, which also provides access to the Internet.

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