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Russian tour operators questioned the demand for charters to Uzbekistan

According to the players of the tourist market, there will not be such profit on the Uzbek charters that will cover all the costs of organizing charter programs

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Russian tour operators doubt that charters to Uzbekistan will be in demand due to weak interest in the destination and insufficient mass tourist flow, a Podrobno.uz correspondent reports citing Interfax.

Earlier it was reported that the airports of Uzbekistan from October 1 will be open for charter flights with tourists. For each attracted tourist who has been staying in the republic for at least five days, a subsidy of $ 20 in the summer season and $ 50 in the winter will be paid. Thus, in Uzbekistan they want to bring foreign tourist flow to 10 million people a year (now it is about 6 million).

“The prospect of loading a charter for 150 seats in Bukhara itself is doubtful even in the season, not to mention the winter period. In winter, it will not be possible to load the sides, 80% of tours to Uzbekistan fall in April - September," the Association of Tour Operators of Russia believes (ATOR )

According to tour operators, Uzbekistan in the Russian market is unlikely to become a charter destination due to the specifics of the product (sightseeing tours) and due to low demand. According to the Border Service of the FSS of the Russian Federation, in 2018 about 180 thousand Russians left for Uzbekistan, including 37 thousand people with tourist purposes.

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