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Important and promising economy projects for Syrdarya region are presented

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev became familiar with activities of “Sirdaryo Universal Oyna” LLC in Syrdarya district.
The company, organized in “Sirdaryo” free economic zone, produces glass containers for pharmaceutical and food industries. The company, which began operating in June last year, implemented a project worth 50.16 million USD and established production of import-substituting products.
To date, pharmaceutical glass vials worth 4 million USD annually have been imported into the country. The commissioning of this enterprise allowed the pharmaceutical enterprises to supply with glass containers not only the region, but also throughout the country.
Modern technologies from Germany, the Czech Republic and France have been installed in the company. On their basis, more than 100 types of glass containers are produced from local raw materials.
The company, having reached full capacity this year, will be able to produce 102 million pieces of glass containers a year and export products worth 2 million USD. The enterprise employs 450 people.
The President got acquainted with the technological process at the enterprise, examined samples of manufactured products.
Information was provided on projects for the transition to the cluster method of work implemented by “Sirdaryo Universal Oyna”.
Next to “Sirdaryo Glass” company, a project is being implemented on organizing production of colored glass containers for both the pharmaceutical and food industries. The annual capacity of the project is 136.1 million units of products, which will replace imports in the amount of 11.3 million USD.
The company, which will be commissioned next year, plans to create 500 jobs and export products worth 3.7 million USD per year.
On the part of “Sirdaryo Shisha” LLC, the processing of quartz sand for glass production is being established. Asaka Bank’s credit at the amount of 5 million USD will be allocated for the creation of an enterprise with an annual capacity of 438 thousand tons of sand. The company will allocate another 5.1 million USD from its own funds.
It is planned to create a greenhouse of the European type, which will use the heat generated at the enterprises of “Sirdaryo Universal Oyna” and “Sirdaryo Glass”. A greenhouse of 10 hectares is being organized next to “Sirdaryo Universal Oyna”. The project consists of five stages. It envisages the installation of a fully automated greenhouse management system, water recycling and rainwater use, quality control, production and supply of resources.
It is planned to grow 2.5 thousand tons of products per year in the greenhouse, net profit is expected for about 6 million USD and to export products for 5 million USD.
“Sirdaryo Fish Technology” LLC plans to grow and process fish in a closed reservoir system. As a result of the project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2020, it is planned to grow more than 2.7 thousand tons of fish per year, deliver products worth 3 million USD abroad and 2 million USD to the domestic market.
“Sirdaryo Glass” enterprise will organize processing, storage and preservation of agricultural products. Due to the project, 3 thousand tons of products will be processed per year, 140 jobs will appear. This will increase the processing, storage and export of fruits and vegetables grown in the region.
Presentation of projects for production of pharmaceutical, textile, electrical products and building materials through investments, modernization of Farkhad hydroelectric station, construction of a small hydroelectric station near the Sardoba reservoir, a multidisciplinary logistics center organized by “Sirdaryo Golden Fruits” LLC was held.

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