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President got acquainted with large projects in Farish district

On January 30, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Farish district of Jizzakh region and one of the sites where engineering surveys are underway for construction of a nuclear power plant.
As it is known, construction of the first nuclear power plant is planned in Uzbekistan. In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Atomic Energy Development Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers was established for using atomic energy for peaceful purposes.
An agreement was reached with the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, which ranks first in the world by the number and scale of foreign projects, on construction of a nuclear power plant.
The nuclear power plant will consist of two VVER-1200 “3+” generation power units with a capacity of 1,200 megawatts each, which meet all safety requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Atomic energy is environmentally friendly. NPPs do not form harmful carbon monoxide. As a result of the launch of the nuclear power plant, significant amounts of natural gas will be saved. Carbon dioxide emissions will decrease to 14 million tons and nitrogen oxides by 36 thousand tons.
The President inquired about the survey, talked with the leaders of Uzatom Agency and Rosatom Corporation.
– This large project is a new strategic area of cooperation with Russia. The industry of our country is developing, the population is growing. There are many big plans to be realized. We need a stable energy supply to implement all plans. This opportunity in conditions of limited sources of energy will be provided by a nuclear power plant, it will serve the further development of the economy and employment of the population, – said the Head of the state.
The need for a thorough, based on accurate calculations of preparation for construction of nuclear power plant, the study of foreign experience in construction of such facilities was noted.
– Our nuclear power plant should be better, of even better quality and safer than others, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
Activities on preparation of specialized personnel were noted. Currently, 30 students from Uzbekistan are studying at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). The MEPhI branch in Tashkent will accept the first students next academic year. Its graduates will become highly qualified specialists and will be able to ensure safe operation of nuclear power plants.
Presentation of projects on expanding the mineral resource base of Jizzakh region, socio-economic development of Farish district, effective use of tourism potential and rainfed land was held.
– In fact, Farish is one of the districts with the highest potential. However, today it lags behind other regions. Welfare of the population can be further improved and revenues to the local budget can be increased by correctly using its capabilities in agriculture, geology, the processing industry, – the President said.
It was noted that as a result of introduction of water-saving technologies in pursuance of instructions given during the previous visit, 50 thousand hectares of sown areas were mastered in Farish district, instructions were given on growing demanded products and increasing incomes of the population.
The Head of the state talked with Jizzakh aksakals.

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