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26 Jul  2019 2068

The President talks with local farmers in Samarkand

During his trip to the Samarkand region, Shavkat Mirziyoyev has visited the farm Pure Milk Oqdaryo in the Akdarya district.

“How to increase people’s incomes is what worries me all the time. Every region and any sphere are abundant with opportunities for this. In agriculture, it is the introduction of new technologies, enhancing the yields, processing the raw materials. Processing boosts income and creates jobs,” the President suggested.

Specializing in cotton and livestock, this farm wields 1,360 hectares of land. Cotton drip irrigation has been introduced.

The head of state pointed out the need to transfer the remaining farms and clusters to drip irrigation, reduce the cultivation of wheat on low-harvest lands and nurture high-yield fruits and vegetables instead, provide farmers and clusters with mini-technologies.

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