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President visited Khavast and Mirzaabad districts and cities of Yangier and Gulistan

The head of the state visited industrial objects and new residential areas. The perspectives for Syrdarya region’s development were defined.

President  Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Khavast district and got acquainted with the master plan of Khavast town.

Construction of the new center of Khavast town based on Mirzachul experience is planned. Buildings of the local khokimiyat and government bodies, public services center, commercial banks, housing, schools, a park, Memory Square, a cinema, a library, a mosque, a market, shops and consumer services center will be built on an area of 47 hectares along the M-39 road. The road infrastructure will be improved, convenience for the population and traffic will appear.

Over the past fifty years, not a single multi-storey building has been built in Khavast. People live in shabby, cramped and damp houses. From now on, apartment buildings will be built annually. Social conditions of the population will gradually improve. A person who lives and works in favorable conditions will be confident in the future.

For this good purpose, JSC Uzpakhtasanoat plans to organize 32 sewing complexes in Syrdarya region. These workshops will provide jobs for mostly low-income women and women with disabilities, in total, it is planned to create more than 4.2 thousand jobs.

The President talked with Khavast aksakals, community activists and youth.

It was noted that large-scale reforms are being implemented in the country, people, like the state, should wake up and strive to live in prosperity. Residents of Khavast expressed joy for the new plans aimed at development of the region and improvement of the population’s life.

Afterwards President went to the Yangiyer city, to see  the construction site of a large chemical complex for mineral fertilizers production - Plant for ammonia and urea production.

Uzbekistan pays special attention to diversification of agriculture, increasing the volume of procurement and export of products. This requires an increase in soil fertility and production of mineral fertilizers.

In connection with this, JSC Uzkimyosanoat plans to build, together with Samsung Engineering, a Plant for ammonia and urea production. The plant with a total value of 600 million USD will produce 400 thousand tons of ammonia and 600 thousand tons of urea per year. Modern technologies from the United States and Japan will be installed, the latest know-how to be applied. It is planned to create 500 permanent jobs.

A convenient place is chosen for construction of the plant. There are necessary communications with access to gas, electricity and water supply, roads and railways.

– Nowhere else you will find such a favorable infrastructure as in Syrdarya. These opportunities will help construction and stable operation of the plant, increase attractiveness for investors. This is a very profitable, promising project, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The Head of the state was provided with information on the economic efficiency of the future enterprise, the schedule of construction work. The President, noting the important role of the plant in ensuring domestic demand and entering foreign markets, gave relevant instructions to responsible persons.

The President also visited a cotton processing plant commissioned by LLC Bek Cluster in Mirzaabad district of Syrdarya region.

Karabair horse breeds, cattle, goats, ostriches, rabbits and quails were demonstrated here.

The President drew attention to the performance indicators of these breeds, effectiveness of their home breeding. He noted the need for expanding livestock and poultry at home, which will provide people with food and a source of additional income.

During the previous visit to Syrdarya, the President got acquainted with the activity of Bek Cluster enterprise and gave instructions for its further development.

Last year, the company built a cotton processing plant with a capacity of 60 thousand tons per year in cooperation with the Turkish company SUMER.

It was noted that clusters are becoming the leading force in agriculture, it is necessary to increase their production potential. Instructions were given on training personnel for clusters based on public-private partnership, development of new projects and expansion of the scope of activities.

Presentation of projects that are scheduled to be implemented in agriculture in Syrdarya region was held. These include projects for development of poultry farming, fish farming, animal husbandry, seed production and viticulture, introduction of water-saving technologies, organization of the effective use of household land under the program “Every family is an entrepreneur”. Their implementation will serve to creating thousands of new jobs.

The next stop on President’s visit to Syrdarya was Gulistan – the region’s central city.  

The city goes through serious renovation.  New houses, facilities, qualitative roads are being built. The embodiment of the new look of the city is Buyuk Kelajak residential area. Last year, 8 five-storey houses were commissioned here, construction continues on 10 seven-storey houses with 420 apartments.

The President visited this residential area and got acquainted with new houses.

The Head of the state was informed on projects for introducing Syrdarya’s experience in the future.

A presentation of the new system of work on attracting youth to cultural institutions and sports complexes, raising computer literacy and reading culture among them was also held here. Thus, the Youth Union, ministries of Sports, Culture and Public Education, the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment, the Writers’ Union will organize targeted work with youth, will involve them in training courses and institutions of interest. Information and Mass Communications Agency organizes bookstores and book-cafes under Uqituvchi (Teacher) brand, preparation and distribution of electronic books.

– Knowledge, culture, dedication is above all. Spirituality is also the basis for economics. We will not regret anything in order for our children to grow up healthy, educated, patriots. Our future depends on such youth, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Plans for construction of apartments and sports facilities, development of drinking water supply and sewerage networks in the region were also presented.

Later in the evening, Gulistan hosted a meeting with participation of khokims and activists of Syrdarya region and districts, heads of ministries and agencies.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the potential of Syrdarya region in industry and provision of services is not fully utilized, there is practically no industry in rural areas. In this regard, following the results of the study conducted by a special working group, a program was developed for implementation of 342 medium and large scale projects.

In particular, implementation of three projects worth 275 million USD – modernization of Syrdarya thermal power station and Farkhad hydroelectric station, construction of a small hydroelectric station on Sardoba reservoir.

In addition, the ambassadors of Uzbekistan to China, Italy and Kazakhstan formed specific proposals for 30 projects. The President gave instructions on attracting additional investments into the region, promoting implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives, efficient use of agricultural and household land.

At the meeting, special attention was paid to issues of spirituality, culture, education and upbringing.

The Head of the state proposed to create a creative school in the city of Gulistan, which will be named after the people’s poet of Uzbekistan Khalima Khudoyberdiyeva, in accordance with good tradition that has developed in recent years. Participants of the meeting supported this initiative.

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