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19 Nov  2019 872

Oxygen Bar in New Delhi

The situation of air pollution in the capital of India only gets worse.

Portal pv.uz/ Pravda Vostoka/ November 19. Residents of the city of middle and old age have become frequent visitors of bars selling oxygen cocktails. Feel the fresh air tastes for 15 minutes in such institutions offer for 500 rupees (6 euros).

The ecological situation in New Delhi deteriorated again because of the smog. According to the Central Department for the control of air quality, air pollution index exceeded 700 points, according to Euronews.

Earlier pv.uz cover the news that Northern India was dominated by dense smog caused by the burning of crop residues in the fields to the west of New Delhi. In some cities index of air quality index was exceeded 400 points, which corresponds to "extreme air pollution."

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