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Uzbekistan is a perfect destination for solo travel

Wegoplaces online travel service published the Solo Travel Safety Report 2019, which ranks safest countries for traveling solo in 2019.

The data source for the report are Gallup Global Rule of Law Report, the 2018 Global Peace Index and the guidelines from the FCO  based on a survey of residents of 142 countries on several criteria, including questions about how safe they feel when walking alone in the night city, whether they trust local police and whether they have been robbed or attacked.

Singapore has the highest security index (97 units). He is followed by Norway, Iceland and Finland, each of which has a safety index of 93 units. Uzbekistan ranked fifth in the ranking (91 units), followed by Hong Kong (91 units), Switzerland (91 units), Canada (90 units), Indonesia (89 units) and Denmark (88 units).

The US Department of State has published updated travel recommendations for American travelers. The countries are ranked according to a four-level security scheme: the first group includes countries rated as the least risky destination, while the fourth group includes countries not recommended for travelling. Uzbekistan is included in the first group of the safest countries in which an American citizen can feel calm, - the press service of the State Committee for Tourism informs.

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