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11 Mar  2019 1335

New measures on transportation reform introduced

The Resolution of the President “On measures to radically improve the system of freight and passenger transportation” introduces a number of news for the Uzbekistan transportation legal framework.


Thus, from July 1, 2019, Uzbekistan cancels state duty for issuing license cards for towing vehicles used for international transport and mandatory certification of new trucks and special vehicles that meet the requirements of the Euro-5 and Euro-6 environmental classes, as well as trailers and semi-trailers used to transport goods by road. Moreover, the requirement for a cash register in vehicles used for the passengers carriage is abolished, so as the requirement to pass certification for compliance with the qualification requirements of individual entrepreneurs engaged in the carriage of goods by road, as well as the head of the legal entity engaged in this activity. Also, legal entities when obtaining a license to carry out activities for the transport of passengers and goods by road, are no more obliged to have vehicles on their balance.

From April 1, 2019, the state duty for certifying a lease agreement between legal entities and individuals (405,460 soums) is halved against the current one.

From the July, 1 payment terminals, taximeters and radio communication devices required for linear taxis can be replaced with devices with special applications that provide functions of replaceable devices (cell phones, tablets, electronic payment systems). It is legal to impart the required color (yellow in the regions, and ivory in the city of Tashkent) for a linear taxi by using self-adhesive materials without the need for painting. Taxi cars acquire the right to move along a special bus lane, as well as stop in the area of the “Stop prohibited” sign.  Application for obtaining foreign / multilateral permits for international road transport is considered within one working day from the date of receipt of the application.

From September 1, 2019, the procedure for the organization of stationary and mobile points for weight and dimensional control is being introduced.

In addition, as noted in the Resolution, proposals on granting the right to individual entrepreneurs to carry passengers on cars (currently only legal entities can do this activity) will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers within one month.

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