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8 Apr  2019 1075

More couples divorce in Tashkent

For January-February of the current year, 769 divorces were registered. This is by 131 case more than last year, according to the statistics presented on the meeting at Tashkent city administration by the representatives of “Oila” (Family) Center and Women Committee.    

Sociologist have also presented the most common reasons for divorce.  They are systematic family conflicts (48%), 16% of divorced couples do not live together anymore, in 9% of cases the reason was childlessness, migration is the reason for 7% divorces, while  6% blame their spouse for adultery, 3% are not satisfied with material difficulties, 2% of families break up due to alcohol or drug addiction.

The procedure for divorce in Uzbekistan get more and more complicated as the governmental agencies and makhalla try to ensure everything possible made to save the family from falling apart.  

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