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23 Aug  2019 1561

Tang Dynasty legacy discovered on playground

Workers discovered the well-preserved tomb of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) on a site reserved for the construction of a sports ground. It happened in China in Shanxi province.

Photo by thehistoryblog.com

Previously, this place was a children's playground. During its restructuring, workers stumbled first on correctly laid out stones, and then on murals and ceramics, reports The History Blog.

Excavations were carried out at the site. The size and quality of the murals and engravings on the tombstone indicate that the tomb belonged to an influential person. His identity and rank are established.
There is a school building nearby. Presumably, the tomb goes under it, and in order to continue excavation, the building will have to be demolished. Negotiations on this issue are not yet over. The construction of the sports ground has been suspended.

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