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14 Mar  2019 4990

Ministry of Health commented on the situation with meningitis in Uzbekistan

The institution reacted to the reports on meningitis cases spread within the social networks.

"Meningitis is not widely spread among the population, the epidemiological condition is stable”, - says the statement released by the ministry public information department on Thursday morning.

As it turned out, it has been known of one lethal case - a 21-year-old man died of meningitis as he has requested medical aid too late. The ministry calls several reported cases “a seasonal norm as usually 5 to 10 cases of meningitis are registered annually”. Since the beginning of the year, 17 citizens were suspected of meningitis, six cases were confirmed after laboratory tests.

The Ministry states that it has urged medical workers to stay vigilant to detect the disease as early as possible, and pay special attention to those ill with respiratory diseases such as pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis. “The Ministry has full control over the situation. Most importantly, meningitis is not widely spread among the population, the epidemiological state is stable,” the statement concludes.

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