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Minister of Energy met with IAEA delegation

In Tashkent, the Minister of Energy Alisher Sultanov held talks with the delegation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

According to the UzAtom Agency, the IAEA delegation arrived in Uzbekistan to take part in a seminar with the participation of UzAtom specialists and other organizations involved in a nuclear power plant construction project.

Greg Zhentkowski, the head of the IAEA Nuclear Installations Safety Department noted that Uzbekistan sets very ambitious and admirable aims, entering the circle of countries using the peaceful atom. “We understand that the development of nuclear energy is a project that requires large resources and investments. The work on the construction of nuclear power plants is difficult and you want to complete it in a short time. For our part, we offer you support in compliance with security guarantees,”- he mentioned.

He also stressed that during the visit to Uzbekistan, the members of the delegation were convinced that there was a clear understanding that safety has to be a priority in the project for the construction of nuclear power plants.

- It is very important that you follow the IAEA standards. In our turn, we will do everything to get these standards implemented in Uzbekistan. We want your project to be effective and safe, ” - noted G. Zhentkowski.

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