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Uzbekistan: traditions, cuisine and some jokes

Xenia Tsoi - Head of External Relations and Cooperation of World Culture Open, Ottawa, and independent curator and producer of cultural and public art projects, “Buyuk Kelajak” expert author of “I AM FROM UZBEKISTAN” seems to know how to tell foreigners about Uzbekistan.

On the Medium platform, she describes Uzbekistan under the al-fergani nickname. She accompanies the story with funny pictures and captions to them. The idea was prompted by constant inquiries about Uzbekistan. The girl under the name al.fergani tells about traditions and customs, seasoning stories with legends. She connects Bukhara with Nasreddin Afandi, Samarkand - with Scheherazade and fairy tales from “Thousand and One Nights”. Also mentions the great Al-Khorezmi.

Talking about traditional hospitality, she warns that an invitation to tea cannot be refused. Do not forget to try the Uzbek bread, advises Xenia Tsoi, its taste does not compare with other pastries.

As the author jokes, the blood of the people of Uzbekistan is 95 percent watermelon juice, meaning it is impossible to pass by fruits and vegetables. The author associates their special taste with the land and weather conditions.

Al-fergani also speaks about atlas-ikat, skullcap-duppies, the holiday of Navruz and many other distinctive features of the country - all in a non-standard project, yet to be continued.


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