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8 Jan  2019 2085

The glace at Uzbekistan’s first three-level traffic intersection

The first three-level traffic intersection in the country is being built between Akhangaran and Parkent streets, Uzbekiston Temir Yollari informs.

Boshtransloyiha JSC holds the general management of the project. At the first stage, construction of a tunnel of 484 meters long and 26.7 wide is planned. Each road direction will be three-lane.

At the second stage, it is scheduled to erect a circular overpass of 50 meters in diameter at a meter above the ground level.

It is planned to restore the bridge connecting the Airport-East and Makhtumkuli streets. This direction will ease the traffic for drivers moving towards Parkent, Chirchik and Bostanlyk towns in Tashkent region. In addition, it is planned to build a modern highway on this section of the road, which will shorten the distance by 20 km. The total length of the three-level overpass will be 618 meters, and width - 30. The circular route is designed for 6 road passes.

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