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9 Jan  2019 1153

How will schools change?

The draft Concept of development of the public education system until 2030 is being discussed. Anyone can make suggestions until January 22.

The Ministry of Public Education published a draft of Presidential Decree “On the approval of the Concept for the development of the public education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030.”

The main document’s objectives are the qualitative update of the content of continuous education system, training, retraining and advanced training of professional personnel, improvement of teaching methods, step by step introduction of the principles of individualization into educational process.

It also stresses the need of modern information and communication technologies and innovative projects, strengthening the material and technical base of institutions and improving the efficiency of budget financing, the introduction of modern methods and directions of out-of-school education.

An article on this topic by Alexei Romanov will be published in the next issue of the Pravda Vostoka newspaper.

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