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12 Apr  2019 1823

Israeli Beresheet spacecraft crashes during landing

Built by the Israeli SpaceIL, Beresheet was headed to the Moon aboard a SpaceX rocket in February crashed after the main engine cut out.

According to the NYT, the engine was successfully restarted, but then communications were cut off, and no more information was sent back.

Well we didn't make it, but we definitely tried. I think we can be proud,” said Morris Kahn, an Israeli telecommunications entrepreneur and president of SpaceIL, the nonprofit that undertook the mission.  

Beresheet is the only Moon-destined spacecraft that was buit on private investments. The mission cost about $100 million, far less than government-sponsored spacecraft that have been to the moon.

If succeeded Beresheet mission would have made Israel the fourth nation to pull off a soft lunar landing.

Photo credits to www.nytimes.com

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