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Intelligent life forms on the Moon

The april collapse of the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet revealed new details

According to CNN news agency, an aircraft crashed on the moon contained on board a colony of particularly hardy living organisms, tardigrads.

Tardigrads or "water bears" are tiny organisms only 1 mm long that can exist in extremely harsh conditions: from extreme cold to heat. The Arch Mission Foundation sent these creatures into space and believes that some of them could very well survive. Mostly tardigrades live in water or in a water film on plants such as lichens or mosses, and they can be found all over the world in the most extreme conditions: from ice mountains and polar regions to the soft equator and the deep sea.

Arch Mission tried to create a Noah's Ark or a backup for the Earth nonprofit. Mission Arch sent a lunar library - a stack of DVD-sized disks that acts like an archive of 30 million pages. information about the planet - to the moon. Along with the library, Arch Mission sent space samples of human DNA and payloads that were dehydrated into space.

Researchers hope that along with tardigrades, most of the information from the lunar library survived the effects of the accident - and can be used to restore human life in millions of years. From the DNA and cells that they included in the lunar library, we can clone and restore the human race and other plants and animals. ”

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