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When they say, 90 percent of environmental problems in Central Asia are connected with water; it is not only Aral in mind. The regions of Uzbekistan, including Navoi, suffer from the effects of strong water scarcity. Experts predict that by 2025 a third of the world's population will live in conditions of absolute water deficit. How to achieve rational use and economy of this most valuable resource, especially at the consumer level? A working dialogue between media representatives and environmental experts was devoted to finding an answer to a question.

The topic became the headline during a training seminar in Navoi, organized by the Center for Training of Journalists and the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia with the financial support of the European Union UzWaterAware project on water awareness.

The interactive form proposed by the training participants favored an open and frank discussion. On the first day, they talked about water policy priorities in Uzbekistan. Among the countries of Central Asia, our republic occupies a middle position in water consumption per capita - less than 2,000 cubic meters per person. This is two times less than, for example, in Turkmenistan, but three times higher than the world’s average. As water is relatively cheap, people consider it inexhaustible.

Ecocatastrophes associated with the irrational use of resources made humankind ponder and make elementary calculations. It turned out that, say, growing up a kilogram of grain consumes about a thousand liters of water, and 1.5 kilograms of meat “costs” 1.5 million liters! Until 1990, water consumption in Uzbekistan for various needs amounted to 64 billion cubic meters, but after 2008, the figure dropped to 51.

Issues of rational water usage rest primarily in the education. Experts point out that the culture of water conservation should become necessary from early childhood.

The training participants worked out a strategy for broad coverage of the region’s water problems, looking for mechanisms for its promotion, successful implementation and attracting wide public attention.

Dilfuza Gulyamova.

“Pravda Vostoka” correspondent.

Navoi region.

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