29 November 2020

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8 Okt  2019 1102

HUMO card instead of token

Now for fare on the subway just touch the card to the validator.

This can be done at the following stations:

- Buyuk Ipak Yuli (entrance from the bus stop, KFC)

- Amir Temur Xiyoboni (all inputs)

- Independence Maydoni (all inputs)

- Pahtakor (input from the State conservatory)

- Bunyodkor (entrance from Friendship Palace Peoples)

- Mirzo Ulugbek (entrance from the park Mr. Ghulam)

- Chilanzar (input side 9-storey buildings)

- Beruniy (input side and TashGU Uzkurgazmasavdo)

- Minor (entrance near the financial institution)

- Abdullah encoded (entrance next to the central pavilion of the Alai market)

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