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Selected products are grown in hydroponic greenhouses

President of Uzbekistan inspected hydroponic greenhouse of Gran ruta de la seda enterprise in Khavast district.
The soil in Khavast district is salted, unsuitable for effective cultivation of crops. Therefore, greenhouses are being organized on the basis of hydroponics. These greenhouses save water and provide high yields.
According to experts, if the traditional method can be used to collect 3 kilograms of tomatoes from one bush, then 12 kilograms can be obtained on the basis of hydroponics. Ripening is accelerated by 25-30 days.
High-yielding varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers from the Netherlands are planted in this greenhouse. All the process is automated.
The greenhouse is equipped with modern equipment from South Korea. Temperature, water supply to plants and nutrients are regulated automatically. Water enriched with minerals is supplied by drip method directly to root system of plants.
Initially, the area of the greenhouse was 1 hectare, in 2017 18 jobs were created and products worth 1.5 billion UZS were grown. In 2018, the area of greenhouses increased by 9 hectares, the number of jobs reached 120.
1.5 thousand tons of tomatoes are grown in the greenhouse per year. It is planned to export products for 2 million USD.
In the third quarter of 2019, the company intends to organize greenhouses on 10 hectares. As a result, 100 new jobs will be created, production capacity will increase by 1.5 thousand tons.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev gave instructions on expanding the network of such greenhouses, localization of producing materials necessary for their activities.

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